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Add On Web Solutions
Web Enhance Packages

Flash Header

A smart website is the result of a Flash Header Animation. This is an excellent way to give an edge to your website. A fine header not only captures the visitor's attention but also provides the readers with related information about your company and product. A flash header animation enhances the professional look while creating a point of focus on your website.

Step Ahead Designs caters to corporates and others while offering affordable services. You can easily get your flash header done before your website is created. Once your website comes live you can incorporate the header while turning your static website into a dynamic one.

AUD 99

Flash Intro

Unleash the animated impact to draw the attention of your visitors. The powerful technology and designing element in flash makes it visible and highlights the idea that you want to sell. Be flexible; get a flash to your intro page. Arrest the attention of your visitor.

AUD 199


Completely Automated Turning Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart or CAPTCHA provides security to your website. No abuse, no spamming, only security. This program helps you separate humans from automated programs. It is only possible for a human to read distorted words.

Step Ahead Designs helps you with the implementation of CAPTCHA on your website. It helps you in many ways and the security comes at a very affordable price. The best way to protect your content, blogs and the site from spams and worms, go for the CAPTCHA package provided by Step Ahead Designs.

Saving your website from unnecessary trouble CAPTCHA is imperative on the web. If you want your page to remain unindexed, this program helps you to do so.

AUD 239

Gallery Management System

No mater what is the size of your business, big or small, you require photo WebPages in order to showcase your products and services. Even if you just want to showcase personal photographs the Gallery management System helps.

Incase you have experienced making thumbnails for each snap, you would understand that this system helps a lot.

Step Ahead Designs offers the gallery management system that can store pictures and various documents like flash files and movies. The attractive characteristic helps in 4 different ways:
  1. Image uploading is browser-based
  2. Listing of images is category-based
  3. Builds thumbnails automatically as and when pictures are uploaded
  4. The pictures open in a light box to make it look attractive
AUD 199

Google Checkout

A checkout process by Google is popular and well known. With the help of a single login your customer is able to purchase services or products from your website. It is a simple and short process. The account stores the information so that your customer does not have to keep feeding the information every time he or she tries to use the account. The customer can make use of the credit or debit card for this purpose and no charge is levied.

We help you integrate this process with your website to make it user-friendly. We integrate the payment gateway and all this, at an affordable price.

Based on your specification, we would design 2 dynamic pages for you. This would come with backend CMS.

AUD 349

Paypal Checkout

PayPal is a pal when it comes to online pay solutions. Money transaction was never so safe and easy. It is an online transaction tool which helps in paying or receiving money online. It is available across the globe and available in various languages. It helps in transferring any currency worldwide. You can pay in any way possible regardless of your pay mode.

If you are a commercial website which requires online transaction and pay processing, then PayPal is the right thing for you. PayPal gives you access through both credit and debit card. Checkout the cool tools that can fasten the payment process while augmenting your business.

Sign up for PayPal (business, personal or premier) and download the code. Customize the main page and add the option of PayPal to your website. Add pictures to help your customer choose and understand before they make any payment. This feature on your website helps your customer to login and make easy purchases. Step Ahead Designs is an expert in integrating PayPal on your website. Get the best deal with us.

AUD 349

Google Map

The Google Map is a very popular web service and we tend to use it many a times. Step Ahead Designs helps you integrate Google map tool in order to incorporate business locators and street maps on your website. This can help your customer in many ways.

This makes your website popular and more number of visitors may actually feel you are user-oriented and sign up with you creating a great brand recall.

AUD 49

Basic CMS

Content Management System or the CMS is an extremely helpful tool that deals with web content. This includes electronic files, documents, web text, audio and video files, images, so on and so forth. CMS mainly caters to creating, managing and customizing web content. It is stores and controls technical manuals, operators manuals, news articles, marketing brochures and much more..

It also helps you to control work flow and helps in work management. What we offer are as follows:
  1. Text change
  2. Product management
  3. Image change
  4. Feedback form
  5. Photo Album
  6. Testimonial
  7. Article categorization
AUD 199

Advanced CMS

SEO and CMS are two main tools and the strengths of your website to thrive in the net. SEO helps your website to go up the rank on a search engine whereas the CMS helps you to manage content on the web.

The systems initiates you website optimization and updating. While maintaining your websites rank they help generate your business. Step Ahead Designs provides you with a package of Advanced CMS and Basic SEO. We integrate the tools at an affordable rate. Now you can ensure positive traffic behavior. You will get the Google analytics too which will help determine the website activities.

As soon as you get automatic update about the traffic on your website you can implement your marketing strategies likewise. Generate terrific business at an affordable rate with Step Ahead Designs.

AUD 299

Live Chat

Live chat means direct contact with your customer. They can easily get in touch and thus remain loyal due to easy and fast services at your end. Chat helps in getting specific requirement from your customers and brings you closer to them. This definitely adds value to your brand.

Step Ahead Designs helps you get closer to your customers and build your brand successfully.

AUD 199


Start Up
  • 24 Months Web Registration
  • 12 Months Web Hosting up to 1GB
  • 4 Static Pages Designed only for you
  • Enquiry Form
  • Dedicated technical support.

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Smart Web Solution
  • 24 Months Web Registration
  • 12 Months Web Hosting up to 1GB
  • 8 Static Pages Designed only for you
  • Enquiry Form
  • Dedicated technical support for 1 year
  • Google Link Submission

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CMS & Flash
  • 24 Months Web Registration
  • 12 Months Web Hosting up to 1GB
  • 8 Static Pages Designed only for you
  • Flash Header
  • Sitemap
  • Yahoo Link Submission
  • Google Link Submission

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More with CMS & Flash
  • 24 Months Web Registration
  • 12 Months Web Hosting up to 1GB
  • 16 Static Pages Designed only for you
  • Dynamic web Gallery
  • Online Chat to give your business more live
  • Dedicated technical support for 1 year
  • Google Link Submission

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Ecommerce Solution
  • 24 Months Web Registration
  • 12 Months Web Hosting up to 1GB
  • Website Statistics
  • Sitemap
  • Customer Registration
  • Dynamic Product Display
  • Dynamic Category Display
  • Product Browsing by Brand & Type

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Bespoke Solution
  • Business Websites
  • Health Websites
  • Education Websites
  • Games and Sports Website
  • Government Websites
  • Real Estate Websites
  • News and Media Websites
  • Online Auctioning Website

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